Who Is Nick?


July 21, 2005 | 0 Minute Read

Some 600 or so pages, some laughing and crying, I’m done the newest installment of Harry Potter. I’m starting to think that there is some sort of addiction there. I actually used up some bank time at work, so I could go home early to finish it…is that a problem? I guess the problem would be if I didn’t even call into work and just stayed home.

Part of the homework from The Chrysalis is that we are to come up with 10 things that resonate and encourage our creativity and then do 3. The timing for the new book was almost kismet because 1 down and 2 to go. Sure, I’m haven’t quite figured out what they are…I’ve still got 9 things besides reading to come up with…but, when I do, I’ll do 2 of them and homework done. i’ve only got, what, 3 days left to do them?

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