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Extraordinary about Ordinary

November 10, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

An interesting point crept up yesterday in The Chrysalis that I had never thought before. I had just finished reading my homework, and everyone was taken aback. At the time of reading it, I was moven to shake and even a tear or two crept out. I guess, I to, was taken aback by the piece. But, there kicker of it all is while I was writing it, it was just something I did. I did not emote the same reactions as reading it nor did it really feel all that challenging. It seemed ordinary.

It brought up an interesting point about our own personal reaction to ordinary. Ordinary are things that we know, and things we experience on a regular basis. So often we take things that align perfectly with who we are as ordinary. It’s like breathing and blinking, it’s so fundamental to your existence that you might not even notice it.

I believe that everyone has something extraordinary in them, they just have to look for it. So often when I sit and look for mine, I’m thinking of things on the end of the spectrum, things that I don’t know yet or things I want to know. Those are necessary things to look at, but one can’t forget the in between; the ordinary. What are all the things you do in a day? What are the things that you do that come naturally? Maybe write an activity log for a few days and see what things are common, and seriously take a moment to look at them. Can any of these things be that passion, that extraordinary thing?

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