Who Is Nick?

Finding Your Voice

October 31, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

I’ve been looking over the past 121 post’s I’ve done. Reading some of the things I’ve tried and some of the topics I’ve tried to discuss. In doing so, I’ve noticed that I really do break one of the most cardinal rules of blogging, “pick a topic”. I haven’t done that. I switch backwards and forwards and sway back and forth. In a way it’s similar to my life but really what it is, is my own personal struggle to find my voice.

For bands and musicians, they ship them out to foreign countries where no one in the main market can hear them. It gives them the opportunity to play; try new thing; fail and succeed. But I’m not shipping myself to those countries nor do I have a development fund to try some very expensive failures. For me this blog is my way of stretching out and trying.

So although a good blog has a topic, a better one has a writer that the topic resonates with. So for those, like me, that are trying, the only thing you can really do, is keep writing. Eventually the voice will come out loud and clear.

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