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Friends for friends

July 25, 2005 | 0 Minute Read

I’ve added a link to my friends in the sidebar: Robots Hate Cancer. Reason being my friend Daniel, has a good friend of his going through this battle against cancer. And the site has been set up for 2 things. 1 - It’s a great way to get out there the perspective of our generation the (20s-30s) going through this ordeal. 2 - It ain’t cheap, so they are using it as a platform to raise money.

In our brief conversation earlier today, an interesting thought came up on the necessary mind set that is needed. It’s the survival, the necessity to fight. as they are saying in the site, “we can do more than wear our stylish bracelets.” Just looking at the site shows this. It’s more like !#$& YOU CANCER! And I think that’s the best and most powerful mindset to have. So I post this article not out of “poor poor” person with cancer, but more like FNA! Let’s all give cancer the finger while we burn it to hell with lasers shooting from our eyes.

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