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What are your myths?

February 02, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

After reading the Massive Change site, I woke up to some interesting thoughts about society. I shared one on the site about Social Architecture and my other one is this.

  • Native myth and folklore teach values like communication and community
  • Greek mythology teaches things like free will and astrology
  • Viking stories teach values like exploration and battles

Now look at their societies.

If you look at these cultures, all of their core values are ingrained in their myths and stories. The largest religious revolution has one of the greatest collection of stories, The Bible.

Take a loot at the United States. What are their myths and legends? Independence Day, The Civil War, The Wild West, all of these collection of stories are based around the fight to choose, the fight for freedom, the fight for money, the fight for oneself. It’s no wonder that it reflect in their social culture.

Now how about Canada. What about us? Look at our Greatest Canadians. I see inventors, Socialists, Athletes. I think of things like the Montreal Expo. I think of stories like the underground railroad. Where did that lead to? Canada. Now look at our social culture in comparison.

Now it’s the chicken and the egg thought. Do we choose these myths and legends because of our society, or is our society driven by these stories. I say that if we can introduce the right hero’s, the right legends and the right myths into our society we can effectively make change to its values.

What are your myths?

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