I’m not saying, I’m just saying

A common phrase around here is “I’m not saying, I’m just saying”. It’s a moment of expressing yourself and it’s not a moment where anyone needs to really care about what you’re saying. There isn’t even any point to what’s being said. They are sometimes just words spewing out of your mouth. It’s just a moment of steam release, kinda of link Mt. St. Helens. So, this entire post is just that. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

With all the lead up you’d probably expect something big, a big fuss and lots of edited @&%$’n language. But you’re not going to. Reason being, what is it that I have to say? I don’t even know. Here I was thinking I’m this person with lot’s of thoughts and ideas, yet when it comes down to it, I’m empty. It could be one of these down moments. You know, when you’re looking around and re-evaluating, but it doesn’t feel like that. Here I am bounding off into a brave new world, and I’m feeling empty. Not like empty as a gas tank, but empty in the brain. I’m working, or think I’m working but time goes by and nothing. Even my blogs. Where is all of this time I wanted to open up go?

Now, for those who know me, time management has never really been a strong suit of mine, matter of fact any type of organization hasn’t been even remotely close to a skill I have in my bag-o-tricks. I’m one of these big idea, scatter everything to the wind kind of guys. So…needless to say, I’ve got some learning to do.