The history of GIFs


Look! It’s the history of GIFs! But first, about how you’re saying it wrong:

The issue of pronunciation – Before we get too existential about GIFs, we should probably learn how to pronounce their name. According to GIF lore, the programmers who created the GIF pronounced the acronym with a soft G, like a J. Yes, just like the peanut butter. However, according to Ficklin, the original GIF namers probably chose their counterintuitive pronunciation solely to “feed their contrarian nature. It’s a loner syndrome,” Ficklin said. He admits to having chosen the hard-G pronunciation for the same reason.

Cat Poo Coffee


Top 10 Conspicuously Expensive Purchases – “If you think Starbucks charges too much for coffee, consider the beans produced in Indonesia that cost roughly $400 per pound. Called “golden droppings,” the beans are excreted from a stable of civet cats, which supposedly carefully select only the best beans to eat in the first place. Their digestive juices then penetrate the beans, and after they come back out of the cats they’re collected, cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned), and roasted. The result is a coffee that’s soft, rich, and not remotely bitter. Supposedly. And the result is expensive: In specialty coffee houses in London, a single cup of this Joe costs around $100.”

via TIME.

I knew there was a reason I called it “Cat Poo Coffee”

I tell friends it was some sort of marmot. But someone said, “that’s not a cat”. Oh…

It’s a civet cat.