Journalists and Lawyers

There are good lawyers & bad lawyers. But we still know they follow the law. The power is in the
institutions and systems that make them.

Journalists should be the same. The more I think about this, the more I like it.

  • Lawyers have a “bar” organization that oversee’s the overarching ethics of behaviour
  • Judges are external arbiters. Should an editor be the same?
  • There is an open system of archives.
  • Lawyers need to pass additional standards
  • Not being a lawyer doesn’t preclude you from participating, but you’re still not a “lawyer”
  • Law firms are legally set up in a specific way and can’t be set up otherwise
  • Lawyers buy into ownership/partnership, and therefore have several fiduciary duties to balance

Have any more points to add?

My Mind on Media

I’ve always thought about media. Sometimes, maybe my thoughts are behind the times.
Other times, I’m wondering who else in this world is having similar thoughts.

it’s all because I recently finished Neil Postman’s
Amusing Ourselves to Death.
Maybe it’s because of the topsy turviness happening all around us. Maybe, I haven’t
found, yet, the one person who’s looking at, and talking about, media in the same

Maybe if you know of someone you can let me know.

Bye bye Digg Reader

Another rss reader is biting the dust.

Digg Reader if shutting down on March 26, 2018. Bummer, we know. Export and
download your feeds ad folder from and you can add those to
another reader product. Don’t worry! you can grab your feeds after Reader is gone.

Ok – where to next?

Going pinboard

I miss the old Yes, they have fumbled through the ownerships and are still running, but not the same. Maybe it’s a vintage thing. I am 40, with a child on the way, I guess that’s what you do.

I’ve gone to Pinboard.




And Like posts – I know I’ve bookmarked things between 2014 and now. Maybe I’ll see if I can find those too.

For now feel free to follow there, or just look at the new Finds page.

Science Fiction should be far fetched

Most of the Sci Fi I watch now, I think…

“Ya – I can see that happening.”

Black Mirror has done too good of a job at laying out the plausible.

Even after watching Altered Carbon.

I still don’t think most is that far fetched. And I think it should be.

I’ve seen glimpses that surprised me. Yet still – I’m thinking in my grand
children’s time, maybe.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much…

Maybe I can’t watch the kind of Sci Fi that I’m looking for.

I’ve been sitting on the genre sidelines too long. Time to pick up some books.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Archive is done. Now What

It took about 10 days, but I think I’ve uncovered most of the archive. There’s a few files missing, mainly all the mp3’s. I know there’s a laptop around here somewhere with em all.

So now that that’s done…

Now what?

I’ve decided to take an audio break and listen to trains. Yup, trains.