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Add Tweetmeme to Blogger templates

October 10, 2009 | 0 Minute Read

I was trying to figure it out, and I found an answer.

Click Expand Widget Templates and look for “<div class=‘post-header-line-1’>”

After that it’s a matter of adding your tweetmeme and fbshare.me code, wherever you want it. The key is to set the url’s with <data:post.url/>.

In this example I decided to float it, and switch the service to use bit.ly, but you can do what you will. Here’s what I used.

<div style="float:left; margin: 10px;"> <script type="text/javascript">'; tweetmeme_source = 'usedeverywhere'; tweetmeme_service = 'bit.ly'; // --></script> <script src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js" type="text/javascript">var fbShare = { url: '', google_analytics: 'true' } // --></script> <script src="http://widgets.fbshare.me/files/fbshare.js"></script> </div>

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