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Breaking The Silence

October 15, 2005 | 2 Minute Read

The other day in The Chrysalis, we covered off a topic Dari like to call Breaking The Silence. It’s a very personal thing but ultimately the message is this: As you grow up and learn and absorb you take in cues either directly from things like verbal teachings or more indirectly from things like social observations. These cues tell you what you can and cannot talk about. Of course everyone has their own person things that they “can’t” talk about. However, if you ever want to be a creative individual you can’t stop. It might never go away completely, after all psychological conditioning isn’t something that goes away completely, but what you can do, is recognize it so that you can move past it. Creative people can’t have a border around their creativity just like wild animals with fences aren’t wild anymore.

For me, while we were going through the exercise I was reminded of a story about “The King of Togo Togo” ( I’m still trying to find a copy somewhere ). At first glance it’s a wonderful harmless story. The idea is that everything is alive, even grass is a good one, and one I truly relate to. But when looking at it in context of this, it makes you think. I know I have topics that I just don’t talk about. I won’t talk about. I don’t share, and I keep locked away deep inside. Is this lesson that “each blade of grass whispered to the other” teaching that there is no real place of solitude and one can confide in? Does it teach that rather then venting, one should just never speak? Did the story actually have an impact on me so much that my SIlence is a verbal one?

Of course, all these questions can’t all be answered in one blog post, but they are things to wonder. I really do wonder the implication the lessons of “silence” had on me. The funnier thing is most of them I sought out myself. But I guess now is the time I need to really evaluate the lessons I’ve learned and do a good spring cleaning on them, so that I can completely Break the Silence.

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