Who Is Nick?

It’s the shoes

August 13, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

Last night our band played a gig at trees cafe. Normally I wouldn’t toot my own horn ( no, considering I play a sax, there was no initial intent for humour, however, the more I make a side comment on the fact that there is no humour, the more humour being to emerge…funny ), however, I was on fire! And I have to give credit where credit was due, my shoes.

I had a previous gig, however I was wearing my “fancy” shoes. The gummy sole stuck to the floor and they sure as hell were uncomfortable. I decided for this gig to screw the foot attire for a nice old pair of shredded up airwalks. When the song started I realized that my feet we slipping on the floor and I was able to slide them all around. I was moving and swaying and it went from there. So I say thank you old pair of shoes…thank you.

What to hear a sample of me? I’m the low sax in this chart called Deed I do, or maybe something a little more slow like Georgia On My Mind. Staring: Aaron “Blue” Morris – guitar, Carly Jepsen – vocals, Greg Lui – tenor sax, Nick Kempinski (”me”) – baritone sax, Georgia Korba - bass, Soegi Hartono – drums.

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