The Newsroom should be a place to ask questions

I watched The Newsroom last night and I liked it!

Some, Not so much

What I find most interesting isn’t the show itself but the conversations around it. Those in the industry looking for moments – either to trash it, or to find a gem of truth in it. Funny enough – the veterans of the job, Mansbridge & Rather, are more open minded to find some amusement and entertainment in it all.

Yes, there will be themes about juggling the news. The challenges in the decisions and weight of it all. Yes there will be long winded speeches about how to change the world ( it’s Sorkin after all ). But that’s not what caught my eye.

What I saw was the active targeting of the lazy and those who assume and regurgitate.

The shows opener takes the easy blow of targeting students; those that are still in the midst of learning and making up their minds; those that can be impressionable by their mentors and teachers. The question, “why is america a great country,” is a little presumptuous isn’t it? That’s like asking “Is you mother a whore?

In the midst of the show they go into the systemic issue of defining what’s news. The shots of the computer program that seems to be making the decisions. The script that somehow vilifies the people who blindly follow it.

I’m feeling there’s going to be some pot shots at the newbies entering the media industries

  • Will the future of our media be quietly influenced by Twitter Trends or Facebook Wall algorithms of the select management and owners?
  • Will the connected generations, that have been accustom to knowledge at their finger tips, have the patience to hunt for weeks & months for a single answer? Or will they just rely on those that answer in a day?
  • Will our future media folk be blinded and swindled by the ever greying press release – written by the genius corporate PR trained with the same tactics wearing a more expensive suit of sheep’s wool?
  • Will those running the show hire and promote those who regurgitate and mimic their own sentiments, or will they actually look for someone with ability? Will they even listen?

But somehow I’m thinking these questions have been asked before, and they will always be asked. The ultimate point, is the act of questioning, in itself, is the first step

Mad As Hell! Kinetic Typography from Aaron Leming on Vimeo.

No Fun

Me: Who wants to make $60,000 to make a fantasy football app? There’s a challenge from CBSSports checkout
Team: <blink, blink> Why?
Me: It’s $60,000
Team: <blink> That’s a waste of time if you don’t win
Everyone: <awkward silence>

If you play music I hope you’ve got some money in the bank

If you play music I hope you’ve got some money in the bank