Admitting the F%$#& Up?

Magic Utilities

Yesterday, I admitted to a deep dark secret… well not really. It was an admission that I was having problems with my website. But did I say anything on @breakingthedial? Nope. Why? It would have helped. And it got me thinking of something that I battled with at school.

Here’s two schools of thought that I think are battling it out in radio.

The Magic of Radio vs. The Truth ( aka Transparency )

To those in the know, there is a magic that happens when you listen to a great radio show. It just flows from song to sweep, through the commercials. And it’s like a wonderful tide that washes over your ears. And you are unaware of the folks running around booths, or mic failures or Burli blips. And it’s the “making it look easy” that gives it a magical quality

But on the web, nothing is magic. There is the truth behind everything, and to pretend that you are an all knowing, infallible creature means your hiding something. Enron and Kathy Lee Gifford taught us that.

When something goes wrong, what do you do? Are you the cat that rolls off the end of the table and won’t admit that anything happened? Or do you admit the oops and move on?

I’m sure there is lots of grey area, that it’s not just one or the other. How do you respond?