Ant power

You know when you wake up and your eyes just don’t want to open? Not for sake of muscle power, but because of
the crusties? Well that was this morning. The best solution was to go back to bed.

Regardless of state of mind I decided to drudge through and work anyway. Now to the point….I love
ant. We are using it at work for building and I’m getting the swing and liking it.
The bestis it’s xml/xslt parsing. I’m working on a clients site with numerous pictures. Now, sure you still
need the time to chug through and resize and name them. But once you’re all complete you can hook up a few little xml config files and parse them through an xslt and voila, pages a plenty!

<target name="xml" description="xml compiler">
    <xslt basedir="${basedir}/etc" destdir="${basedir}/web"
      <mapper type="glob" from="*.xml" to="*.html"/>
      <outputproperty name="method" value="xml"/>
      <outputproperty name="standalone" value="yes"/>
      <outputproperty name="encoding" value="iso8859_1"/>
      <outputproperty name="indent" value="no"/>