Day Job – The Quiet Killer

It hasn’t been long since I’ve started trying this new approach to my blog. Trying to look at things with business eyes; creative eyes; just down right thinking eyes. But it’s funny how the day job can easily stomp that out. My day job is o.k.. It keeps me on my toes and always busy. But, like many other sufferers of this affliction called slow death I need a cure. I’ve gotten to the point I can hear it in my own voice as I say , “it’s o.k.”. It’s not great, it’s not mind blowing, it’s not the coolest thing in the whole wide world!, it’s o.k. That alone makes my stomach turn. I’m not alone. So many others have I life long “job”. I’ve even heard the term “lifer” at my work. Almost like it was a prison. As I am preparing to cure myself and leap out their into the abyss, I’m looking around and I see so many others who have the same disease. They know they have it, but don’t have a doctor. I try and remind them that they can cure themselves. They are the doctor. Rock the boat, stoke the fire, walk away. Those are really the only prescriptions you have at your finger tips.