I’ve just come out of a month of frustration, and I recently came to a conclusion

I’m going to be combining an idea from Tom Peter’s called Wow, along with another simple philosophy called K.I.S.S.

Does “it” Pop?
Does “it” Sparkle?
Does “it” make you Grin?
Is “it” … WOW?
If “it” (grand or mundane) isnʼt WOW … re-do it! Or donʼt do it!
This is … Your Day.
Not “their” day.
This Day belongs … ULTIMATELY … to You.
Not “them.”
Cubicle slaves Unite!
Technicolor Titans rejoice!
Throw off the shackles of Conformity!
Just say/shout a throaty “No!” to Non-WOW!
So …
(No bull. This is do-able.)


I’ve been finding that as time is going by I’m making this whole things way too complicated. And I’ve looked at it and thought, well, this is o.k. But not wow! and really that not fair to anyone now is it.

I know the logo will be the same, after all, I just got business cards. I know that some of the layout elements will look the same, but I’m building it again from scratch. I’m pretty much throwing all the other stuff away. It’s not modular enough; it’s not expandable enough, it’s definitely not clean enough, and quite frankly, the code is complete crap. Let’s face it, I can get by with perl, but I’m no expert. So, I’m going to dumb the language down a little ( some would argue ) to php. It’s a little more like my realm.

Sure, it’s a stupid thing for me to do, but as I said on my own blog, I’ve got the rest of my life left, I can afford to be stupid once in a while.