Dollars and AdSense

I’ve just received the approval for Google’s AdSense Program. I finished reading
their legal agreements, which for some reason reminded me of the first 2 rules of
Fight Club. And after a few clicks, and some javascript pasting…voila! So for those
of you seeing the site, and not reading through some sort of aggregator, down the
left you’ll see the difference. I’m not exactly sure how beneficial for me or how
it will turn out but we’ll see wont we. But why should I add advertising? There
are a few of reasons:

  1. Why not?
  2. Why not ( ah, fight club )?
  3. I had the space for it.

It’s a win-win when it comes to the money part. It’s free for me, and could
translate into dollars in the pocket. After all, I pay good coin for my hosting,
and this will help towards it.

So click away my friend, click away!

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