Don’t sweat the wet stuff

I had intended on writing maybe a witty, and maybe and interesting post today. I wasn’t exactly sure as to what or how or why. No topic had come to mind. I woke up, relaxed and made my morning Postum. As I sat on my couch and started to drink I realized by butt was wet. Matter of fact, there was an odd smell. Oh crap! My cat had pissed on my couch yet again! I have been trying to figure out why he was doing it. I thought I was on the verge of figuring it out. It’s not his food, it’s not his water, it’s not his litter, it’s not the living room. It’s not anything! Oh, and I’ve tried everything to clean the stuff up with. I’ve tried all sorts of brands. Cleansers with chemical, enzymatic cleaners, natural cleaners. I still haven’t found anything. I found a reference somewhere to a new product which has a remote possibility to maybe get rid of the hidden smells we humans can’t pick up on. So with that minor chance of a whim, I’ve just had to order online. I’m starting to go mad. My friend vanessa say’s to get rid of the couch…i just spent $600 on the couch a couple of years ago. I’m not throwing it out. I tried to look how much it would cost for new cushions. Guess … no just guess. $80 each. That $160, I don’t have that money. Especially when I’ve quit my job to start this enterprise of my own.

Funny thing, is that just yesterday I was having a talk with my Dad about this my new lessons about the chaos theory. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything, regardless of whether I know it or not has a root cause. My Dad on the other hand believes that some things don’t have any reason. They just happen. So we debated on this for a little bit. In my new idea, to really fix a problem you need to know the root cause. If not, then you are just masking the problem. But what about moments like this where nothing is evident. You can’t figure out the root problem. Do you give up on trying to figure what the root is? We don’t always have the time to find the root cause. But I guess figuring out our own answers is part of the process. How we handle and learn from the unexpected is how we can define our success or failure.

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