E = mc^2

Growing up, my dad tried to explain to me E = mc^2. He did a horrible job, and came up with an odd explanation, but at the time, seemed to appease my curiosity, and I moved on.

But his explanation was this:

The energy (e) you need to influence an object is equal to how heavy you are (mass or m) times two times the amount you can eat (consumption = c).

Throw all this light speed stuff, relativity, conservation of energy hocus pocus out the door. Einstein be damned. I think my dad might just have something here.

Where Am I Going With This?

The past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling all toasted. I’ve been frazzled, and absent minded. I’ve even been sleeping in. Simply Put I’ve been drained.

Why? Well at first I thought I was coming down with a flu. But no sniffles, no unexpected coughs, nothing. Then I realized maybe, it’s because I’ve been using all my energy. I’ve been running at school non stop for 12-14 hour days. Not just learning, but also running evolution1709.com.

In all of this I haven’t been refilling the batteries. I haven’t been getting any energy back. The output of energy is not the same as input.

Back to my Dad’s E = mc^2

E = Energy
Think of this as any kind of energy. The energy simply to wake up in the morning. The juice it takes to get a report done, or assignment.

m = Mass
This is a perceived Mass. How heavy does it weight. In terms of paperwork, it could actually be how heavy the paperwork (if so, I’m very sorry. That must be a bitch in the suitcase). It could just be one paper like a marriage certificate, or lease which will change your life forever, which is just a heavy on your mind, some might consider more heavy.

c = Consumption
You can think of it plainly as food, but I like to think about it as things I need. Things like creative consumption, and intellectual consumption, emotions consumption…

Input of any kind, really. And, the kind of input that makes you full – satisfying like a turkey dinner.

The nifty thing is, when you get these kinds of consumption, a little goes a long way. You have one small moment of satisfaction and that can last the rest of the week, or even the month.

What’s The Deal with Renaissance Soul?

Really the whole equation here, is a fancy way – and a nice reminder kind of way, that we need to feed ourselves. In every way.

For renaissance, I think this balance is even more crucial. We need to watch it every day. For me I need to make sure this balance is in finer tune. Because when it’s out of whack, everything is out of whack.

I think because of the renaissance juggle.

We juggle several interests at once. And when one arm becomes tired, the balls fall to the floor. Next thing you know, instead of only doing a couple of our interests, we become so exhausted, we don’t do any.

And that just creates a bigger downward spiral.

In The End

I’m going to try and remember E = mc^2 everyday ( Hell, easy to remember was one of Einstein’s goals, I think he did just fine).

How do you balance?