Embrace the Dark

No, this isn’t a post about wax voodoo dolls and needles.

With the Ying there must be Yang. Both must exist. It’s been a lesson that has existed for thousands of years. There must be dark and light in each of us; there must be good and bad. Nature is full of examples. Here are just a couple:

Owl, Scorpion, Snake, Vulture, Spider, Crow

Each of these animals in one religion or another have gotten a bad rap. They are “evil” or the bringers of death. Watch out! But in fact, each of them have lessons we can learn from. Lessons we need to succeed. Maybe even excel.

Take for example the act of “not caring”. The phrase in itself is difficult for some who have not embraced their dark. A simple act of not caring or even feeling indifferent to people can be a challenge. To people who want to be completely “good”, they might find themselves looking for a “win-win” outcome. They might go out of their way to accommodate others feelings, in turn, distorting the original vision. They could obsess over others feelings to the point where they take perfectly good energy away from the task at hand.

Trying to be “good” comes from years of childhood training.

“Treat others as you would be treated” – what about not treating them at all?

“Be courteous to your neighbour” – what about the asshole downstairs who likes to blare rock opera?

“Never speak before spoken to” – well how do I talk to someone who never talks to me?

I’m not a fan of “good” and “bad” ( hence all the quotes ). Reason is because there is so much more to it. In the classical sense of “good”, one must be a drone or sheep. They must follow the herd and never look back. And if anyone wants a little lime light, a little success – they must turn around and walk the other way. Be the black sheep ( some say purple cow ). Embrace your dark.