Everything in it’s right place.

I have a new place to lay my head at night. It’s very close to my new nephew. Which is a plus.

Almost everything is in disarray with boxes scattered. The kitchen is unpacked for necessity, but I know that where I put the dishes and spices, isn’t the right place. In the living room, My relaxing chair is accessibly, but has a bit of a gauntlet to get to it, which I do twice a day.

However, what isn’t unfinished is my office. I’ve never had an office in my home. I’ve never had a place so close to go to work. My home office used to be the relaxing chair. You can picture how difficult it was to actually get things done, when the same chair you fall asleep in when watching movies, is the same chair you need to be alert and productive in.

I knew this, but what else was I to do? The place I did my work, was the same room as my living room, was the same place as my dinning room.

I have now untapped something I didn’t think possible. I’m productive, and very focused! When they ( don’t know who…google only shows radiohead ) said “everything in it’s right place”, was this what they were talking about?

Do you have a corner of the world were you work? Where you call your office? If not, and you are in a pinch, learn from my mistake, do not make it the same place you do leisurely activities. The urge to relax always wins. Maybe call your office Starbucks or a nice local coffee/pie shop. Maybe your office could be a park bench or even consider renting a workspace. It’s worth it!