Faith in the process

You need to have faith that it will pan out. Take it from experience and wisdom. Take it from Twyla Tharp.
( update 2020-10-27: video missing )

It’s about making the dance, in my case, that you’re really curious about and trusting that others will be interested in it and that if it has a sincerity and a truthfulness to it and if you really tried something in it – and guess what? You guessed right! And it has a really wonderful feel to it people will sense that and all this other stuff will come.

What is “this other stuff”? The stuff you need, the stuff you want, the stuff you dream of. A classic tale of “Build it and they will come.”

Do it becuase you do

I always forget this one. A classic blunder on my side. I sometimes get wrapped in the minutia, or the striving for perfection. Sometimes I even get bogged down by asking “what’s the point?” The point is to just keep doing it.

I never thought I was going to make an income. I never thought I was going to earn a living doing it. I just was curious about doing it…We did dance because that’s what we were really challenged to do.

Thanks Merlinn Mann and Mark McGuiness.