Oops, I forgot to have playtime!

Read an interesting post on Curt Rosengren’s blog about the need to play: Play your way to your best work.

The idea that “work is called work for a reason” and that “work isn’t meant to be fun” is so deeply entrenched in our collective cultural psyche that it actually ends up being a big roadblock for many when they look at pursuing their passions.

It is also, of course, complete nonsense. The only thing that committing to a life of work as a four letter word will do will be to slowly, bit by bit, drain away both your energy and your productivity. A career filled with fun and meaning, on the other hand, can unleash the amazing potential we all have.

I’ve been going through this little energy drain myself. It started to come out in my previous post. Nothing blatant but when you’re having fun, why do you need a trick at all? You see, here I am trying to find ways to “work” when in fact, maybe, I should be finding ways to “play”.

So, thanks Curt for not only giving me a little reminder of things lost, but also introducing me to Bernie DeKoven. I think I’m going to take his site for a quick stroll.