I don’t believe in Resolutions – give me a good Movie Score

I’ve never been one for sitting down and making a list of things I want to accomplish. Reason being – 3 days in, the list has already changed.

Originally my resolute friends said my lists were too generic like: “more exercise, eat healthier food, blog more”

These were not concrete enough.

The next year my list was “Go for 20 minute walks every lunch hour; have carrots for dinner on thursdays; blog Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays”. I heard a resolving “yes” from my friends.

But then… I got bored.

I like to call myself an ebb-and-flow-kinda-guy. Routine and I don’t really get along. So, you could imagine that these regiments didn’t make it past the first week.

So now – I come up with a theme. Think of it like a musical score – and every scene I’m in, you can hear a Baritone Saxophone melody.

Here’s some examples

  • I’ve had “Fire” to put some urgency in my life
  • I’ve done the “Snake” to help me shed some things ( snake skin, get it? )
  • I’ve used “Earth” to find solid ground.

Think you’ve got it?

So what am I going to do this year?

I’m thinking either a “Stereo Speaker” or a “Care Bear”.

Can you figure out why?