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Welcome to the Fight Club of the business world: ChangeThis

Rule One: Everyone Talks about ChangeThis
Rule Two: Everyone Talks about ChangeThis!

It’s all about spreading the word in the underground. I can picture all of us in dingy, dank, club basements. It’s all It’s all about the Fight. But instead of exchanging fists and blows to the gut it’s about the exchange of the manifestos?.

Half of me is kind of skeptical. Will these “Manifestos” really be the statements they claim to cause the stir? Will they really cause the blood to boil or will they simply become glorified over-worded haiku’s

A tiger can smile
A Snake will say it loves you
Lies make us evil

  • Chuck Palahniuk Fight Club

The other half of me is very supportive. I think something like this to spread around the office is good. If people like Tom Peters and Seth Godin are involved it could turn into something interesting. I’m going to do my part so take a read
at the first Manifesto. Sign Up to read more. My full judgment is still holding out until I see my own blood boil.

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