Letting the cat out of the bag

Secrets are funny little things. Somewhere inside us we like to hold onto the pieces of mystery which only we can answer or understand. Why do we do this? For control. I’ve had my own little secret which I’ve been only letting a few people know, here and there. Well, I’m letting it go. Reason being I’ve got something online. It’s completely at a development stage which means if it breaks, it’s to be expected. Plus, control is only an illusion, when you really take a look, the power is in you, not me.

Because I need to soak in as much feedback as I can get, I’m opening the bag out to you. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, wherestheshow.com. The blog, blog.wherestheshow.com will be the focal point where I will be posting the updates, and request for feedback. So if you do have a chance to take a look, if you could post your comments here, it would be appreciated.