Lone Valentine

Ah, Valentines day. In waking up this morning I walked to my computer only to find all the bloggers in the world taking a moment in their life to celebrate love and joy. Well, for me I’m going to make a post for us lonely out there.

I get the idea of love, and I sure do appreciate those who have it, but with all the hype and publicity of the day, it’s an amplifier to the fact that this morning when I rolled over in bed, their wasn’t anyone there. It’s a reminder that as I’m talking in my living room, only my cat will meow back. It’s a day, where all the memories of Valentines Day’s past are played in my head and how this year it’s solo. Not a good feeling at first, but like anything else, practice makes perfect. Or is it time heals? So, I make due and try and remind myself that I’m my own Valentine.

I suggest to all those out there who aren’t liking today, to be proud and go to a movie and only buy 1 ticket. Go to dinner and say “for 1″. To have a date with yourself. I think sometimes it’s easy to show someone else how much you love them. But I think the real courage and challenge is to show how much you love yourself. Buy yourself something you want. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. For me, I’ve found I enjoy taking a long walk by myself. I stroll and ponder. I use this time to remind myself about things that I want to accomplish. I ask myself, “if I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life, what will make me happy and complete.” I suggest everyone, regardless of companionship status ask themselves this question. So, my jacket and shoes are on, and once I click “publish” for this post, I’m off and walking. Happy Valentines.