Networking Update 1

O.k. So I’ve gone through the process of adding the links to my “Networking” section, on the left side. I’ve signed up to 3 different sites and I’ve been playing with how they work and what can be done.

  • Ecademy – Seems to be chalker block full of features and additions. You’ve got blogs and message boards, meetings and clubs but only if you can afford it. I’m still looking through it, but so far, nothing for the broke ( which is me ).
  • LinkedIn – It’s a friendster for business. You can search profiles, groups, experiences, business industries, anything that the users put up. And another bonus, it’s free. I’m connected to 1 person so far, woohoo!
  • MeetUp – This site’s purpose is a little different. Like LinkedIn, it’s free. They’ve got a small twist, its goal is to create physical networks. Sure they’ve got a message board but their strive is to make the face to face connections, which is scary but I think can be very beneficial. I’ve got my first meetup on Feb 10.

Ultimately like real networking, it’s something that takes time an patience, so one week isn’t going to get me huge results. I’ll check in from time to time to let you know how the network grows.