A New Leaf

It’s time I started from scratch again. As any of you who have been coming back to my site praying and hoping for any at all some sort of update, you haven’t been getting one. Why? I don’t have a good explanation. It’s just laziness. Well ladies and gentleman, change is in the air! I’ve formally put in notice with my job, and in about a little more than 2 months down the road, I will be officially an entrepreneur. I will be working for myself. All this has accumulated from gut feelings of despair and monotony. I’ve been educating myself, reading various blogs and becoming a little bit of a sponge for leadership and a bit on design. As a result, I’ll be trying to post more interesting articles.

New Look

Off the bat as you can see, I’ve changed the look. It’s the same but different. It’s been XHTML-ified, revamped using a nifty thing we like to call web standards. It’s not perfect and sure, people will always have something to say, but it’s the effort of evolution that counts. Along with the snazzy new colours I’m going to try and do a but of colour coding on these posts. If it’s a post about business, or pleasure, philosophy, or music, you should so see a difference in the post off the bat. I thought about adding more, but, half the appeal about the new look is simplify.

New Thoughts

Well with all of this change I’m sure a question is what will you be expecting with this new leaf? What’s different? What’s changed? You’ll be reading more opinionated and sharing types of post. It seems that I’ve got thoughts and ideas that I’ve been keeping stored in my brain. I’ve been afraid to share but I need to put myself out there with some opinions, some thoughts and some theories. If I don’t then no one will benefit, no one will improve and ultimately, I won’t improve.

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