Nick Reviews

Like my previous project,Nick is a poet, I’m starting a new sub-blog called Nick Reviews. This blog is designed solely for my opinions on Movies. I do watch a lot of them, and might have a few words to say about them.

It all came about with a writing exercise for my creative class. We were given the task to write a review. I enjoyed the process, plus I also enjoy giving an opinion without spoiling the movie. There is no need to give the plot away. There are so many other things you can review a movie besides the plot. Acting motivations, cinematography ( if anything cool ), and general feeling.

The whole idea is to improve and tweak my writing style, plus to learn more about the industry. I hope you pop by and take a look.

Update: 2018ya, no link. it’s very much a dead project. Unfortunately I can’t yet find the archives for this.

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