Nothin to see … carry on

Not much writing going on over here. I’ve been going full steam to trying to get me all settled in this world. Trying to find ways to make the green, while not trying to focus on the green (well, it’s not always green here in Canadia, we have monopoly money … like a lot of other countries). I’ve been working with temp agencies, and I’ve got an interview with Starbucks tomorrow. So, we will see how it all turns out.

I’m going by a really powerful philosophy ( I can’t remember if I’ve shared or not, but oh well, I’ll share anyway. After all, that’s the reason for this blog anyway…isn’t it? ). So the idea is not to resist anything. It’s a very powerful one, and yet, it’s very difficult for people to do it. It means giving up control over everything in you life to the universe. What this means is, if someone asks you out, you go. If someone says left, you turn. It you’re stuck in traffic you wait. The idea is to give up complete control to the universe to guide you. It’s like floating in the sea. You have no control over where you’re going, the tide will guide you. It take’s practice, especially for those control freaks out there. The idea, of not planning, of not knowing, of not freaking, is…well..freaky. The truth is, other then my interview tomorrow, I have no clue what I’m doing. I will lead it to the universe to decide.

Now this isn’t just sitting in my living room waiting for a phone call or sign. There are moments where I do things ( Matter of fact, the less money I have, it seems the more I’m doing). You need to fill the time waiting for a sign. But when it comes, don’t say “oh, but I was right in the middle of…”. Just go! The sign has spoken. And in this time of letting go, and giving up to the flow, I’ve met some wonderful and powerful ( in a spiritual sense ) people. I don’t see everything happen now…it doesn’t work like that. But as I keep this up, things will click, and they already are. After all. I’ve got an interview with Starbucks tomorrow.

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