Now I can say … it’s the coolest!

Been playing around with 10.4 all night. Some minor alteration needed after I installed it: needed to re-set
apache to my liking, and I’ve got this unknown user in my user list…I must have been screwing around with it?
But other then that I can now officially say that 10.4 kicks!


when 10.4 originally came out and widgets where explained I wasn’t personally hyped about them. They really
aren’t anything special. And from my perspective, they are totally outside of the “Mac Design”. And after
playing with them, I still don’t think there is anything special. Nothing a good RSS feed or homepage
couldn’t answer.

safari rss

I’m pretty much hooked on syndication. I’m not going to say RSS because not everyone is using that format,
there are also older flavours like RDF or the newer Atom
Safari handles these like a dream! the xslt they’ve got running to transform these are beautiful, searchable
and practical. Plus something really cool! If you’ve got FOAF, pay close attention to the bottom right
corner…it’s awesome!