Remember the simple things

When I feel the pressure building up I get tunnel vision. I kick into gear and focus on one task at a time. But the longer I have that kind of focus, the more I loose the grand picture. “Why am I doing … ?”, “What’s the point in … ?” You get the idea.

But last week, while scrounging for pennies and food money, a friend reminded me that eggs and potatoes are cheap. Yes they are!

I brought home the groceries and then made some hash browns and poached eggs. I love hash browns and poached eggs!

The minute I sat down with my plate and cut into the eggs, the yellow yokes all runny tasty good. I smiled and for a moment the blinders lifted. The tunnel vision went away and I had a reprieve. I took a big breath. Who knew something so simple could be so powerful for stress relief?

So, do you need a good poached egg? Is there something you might be over looking? A simple pleasure, a simple act, a simple thing that you might be overlooking that could make all the difference?

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