Sunday Check-In #5: A Big Breath

It’s a quickie. This was a quasi-forced-hiatus week. I’m sure there of loads of things I should have done; I’m sure there are loads of things I could say in my check in. But instead I decided it was a needed break. So short sweet and to the point.

Sunday Check-In #5: A Big Breath

What happened between Jan 26 – Feb 1

What went well?


This week was much more relaxing then last [ funny that I can say relaxing ]. I was able to get a bunch of work done, I was able to check up on how everyone was doing. And all in all, relaxed about it.

I could “breath”.

I even had a bit of a weekend. [ weird, I know ]

What didn’t go well?

A Bunch of “no”’s

In our program it’s Intern time. And so it’s time to hit the pavement and start making calls. “Hi my name is Nick, are you interested in an intern. Did I mention it was free?”

And soon I got my first two “No”’s. They were logical, and nothing personal. [ very well worded ] More like procedural problems, but “no” non the less.

I’m not crushed, I’ve been said “no” too before. But it still takes a second to shake it off and keep moving on.

What can I do better?

Are there weeks where you couldn’t do anything better? Are there weeks that I wonder “does it really matter?”.

The Low grade

Turns out I got my first very low grade. 50%.

But you know why I got it?

Because of priorities and exhaustion.

On one hand, is it something I could have done better? I’m sure I could have.

On the other, would it be worth the self torture to push myself that much further? No.

I think there are loads of times in life, that we hear that little crack in our brains. When we feel the break. But how many listen and stop to heal?

My first instinct was to not stop, to chug through, pull an all nighter, try and drip every bit of energy from my body to get it done. And then I realized, that If I had, where would the energy come from for the next week, or the week after that?

So, I could have done better on the grade. But in terms of protecting my own sanity and creativity. I think I made the best choice.

And Done