The PAS-ifier

has raised an interesting point about our goals and the daily pitfalls we
run into. How do we reach our goal and not let them accidentally slip through our
finger tips? How can we make sure another year goes buy and we don’t say “What if…?”
He has created his Personal Accountability System (PAS)
to help him.

Funny about the timing of this post. I’m in the process of figuring out my system.
How can I make sure I get everything done that I want? I saw a show on PBS
( I’m trying to hunt down more details. ) about an engineer who decided to schedule
every moment of his life. It was interesting and it displayed the ups and downs of
the process. It lead me to think and realize my lack of planning. I haven’t really
lead my life, so to speak. Once in a while I decide to leap, but other than those
moments I just lay back to the flow. Will that help me ultimately obtain my goals?
I don’t know anymore. Maybe when I was younger, but I think as we get older the flow
of life gets stronger. Which makes sense considering the older we get the more
influences we have. When we were children it was our parents, and that was pretty
much it. As we age the influences mount: our family, our job, bills, cars, rent,
and more and more things pop up. So if we don’t stand up and decide to navigate
our path, it’s easy for it to become lost in the forest of our influences. The
path less travelled could easily become the path not seen.

So, this is week 2 of my calendar days. I’m setting regular intervals to plan, to
dream, to write, to learn, to program, and of course for daily review. Right now,
I’m not exactly hitting the mark, but I’m getting pretty darn close. Which for me
is a great thing to celebrate. So, for tonight’s review, I’m going to look at
Steve’s methods, and see what I can do to make sure I don’t lose sight of those
big goals.

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