The Right Tools

For any job one must do, you need to have the right tools to do it. For Piano players it evident, that if there is no piano, they can’t play. For writers, no pen and paper, no typewriter, no computer, there won’t be a story.

I’ve been working on this for a little for myself. Asking, what tools do I need to be creative. What tools do I need that would help. And although on the surface to those who don’t write, or those who don’t play piano, these would be accurate statements. Any pen and any keyboard should do. But as I continue to write, and continue to play piano I’m finding that there is more to that.

When I write, it’s not just any pen or any paper that would do. I need a flavor mini pen with an orange grip and a Moleskine small lined notebook.

When I play the piano, I can no longer use just a simple Casio keyboard I got from radio shack, I need to have weight in the keys from either a high quality electronic piano, or even more preferably a baby grand.

Being creative incorporates all your experiences and all your senses. So it makes sense that you need to incorporate them all in your creative tools. They must smell right, feel right, sound right, look right, and taste right ( perhaps for chef’s or maybe you need to chew the right kind of gum ).

So if you are looking for your right tools, don’t just look for something that will “do”. Look for something that inspires.