The Promotion

I just saw this from Seth Godin about a url shortener called

You can share a URL but hide it behind a question that only insiders can easily answer.

So, for example, you could tweet, “Here’s the source for my world-class chili:”. Anyone can go there, but only people who can figure out the clue can discover the site you were pointing to.

But what caught my eye, is I had to scrounge for the answer. I had to goto his website and hunt for the result. I was hooked.

  • Can this be done in a facebook or twitter promo?
  • Can you use it to have people scouring through a clients website for an answer?
  • Can you engage your audience with it?
  • Can the hint have you listen for something at a specific time?


I can think of several ways that this particular service can be repurposed to have fun with.

What can you come up with? I’d love to here them.

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