Tricking The Mind

Today I bought a watch. For the average person, it’s not a big deal. Everyone buys watches all the time. But for me it’s a big thing. You see I haven’t worn a watch for 10 years, maybe more. There is a reason I don’t wear a watch, but this morning I decided to turn that reason into something positive. So, here’s the deal why. When I wear a watch I become anal. It’s not a characteristic I use often. I like to pride myself on being care free. But since starting my own thing, being my own boss, my carefree go lucky attitude is a little detrimental. It’s time to lock down and pucker up to get things done.

I’ve spoken with several people about the tricks we play to get into the swing of self-employment work. For some it’s shoes, others it’s following a morning ritual. Some I’ve spoken with swear that if they dress as if they are seeing a client, they feel that they are at work, regardless of the real environment. Me, I’m choosing my watch. When the watch is on, I’m at work. And when the watch is off, I’m not. Talk about being on the clock.

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