Value Statements

At my company, the executive team is trying to boast that the company promotes “Open and timely communication”. However, their is a downfall in their support of this.

1. If you going to say “and”, do “and”.

The word “and” is a tricky one. Especially with value statements like this one. The word implies that both are present, and always present together. If you are timely with a piece of information but not very open, then you have failed in putting the statement into practice.

If you fail, then you loose the trust of those you’ve informed. And all of a sudden, there is miss-trust or the idea that you aren’t being honest. The value looses it’s meaning and simply become more clutter in corporate propaganda, then is rejected from the masses

2. Simple acts show your sincerity

Ah, there’s the rub! Really, this is the main reason I’m writing, and my big bug. Our office has just been renovated to follow the corporate scheme. And suddenly I noticed a inconspicuous door with a security swipe key. I looked through the small window and what do I see? It’s an almost secret executive only area.

Hmmm, “open and timely communication”. Open? How does a secret locked away executive only area say “Open” to the employees.

For offices that are multiple floors, I can understand that there might be a floor dedicated. But in out 2 floor small operation, the message this say’s speaks volumes!

You can say it, but your actions have just convinced me, you don’t believe it, you don’t want to believe it. And, sorry big wig exec, I don’t believe you.