Where have I been? I’ve been sitting on my couch and doing sweet FA. Why? Because
I felt like it. To be honest, I’ve been in a funk. It’s not about earth shattering
events in life. I haven’t gone through heart shattering events. Sometimes, I think,
we all just hear a little “snap” inside. Could be burn-out, could be a string of
unfortunate events, or it could simply be the way the wind is blowing or the
weather outside. Sometimes a little sweet FA is what the doctor ordered.

Some might consider this wallowing, and they might be right. I thought it was
wallowing. At first, my reaction towards my instincts, were that is was
counter-productive. Wallowing doesn’t do any good but change my point of view to
see all the crappy things. But then the thought occurred, maybe that’s what I
needed. In the world of improvement, to ignore the bad, is the best way to build
your own little invisible brick wall that will ultimately have your journey slam
to a stop. You won’t know why, or how, or where it came from, but when you hit
it, it will hurt bad. To improve, the bad must be looked at. We need to know when
we are beating a dead horse, or even worse, riding one. I think the only way to
really know for sure, it to put on the brown goggles, and look around you.

Not only that, but it’s like the blues. It’s called the blues because it’s
…well…blue: “My baby left me”; “I’m in a broke down motel”; “I got no money”.
Admitting it all, somehow makes you appreciate the beauty of the music. For some
odd reason, realizing how much bad, makes you appreciate that a) your still
kicking around and b) that through it all, there is still good.

Is my wallowing over? maybe, maybe-not. I’ll have some more ice-cream and decide.

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