What if the problem with Radio is in its Systems?

Looking not at the medium, but the web of processes that make it.

There’s something near and dear to my heart about radio. Perhaps it’s in the voices and stories. Perhaps it’s the mix of sounds that surprise and delight. Perhaps it’s the fact that once heard, it can be like a sand painting, easily wiped away.

Yet, somewhere along the lines “radio” has been distorted from it’s true potential. I’ve met some of the people behind the curtain and I don’t think it’s not because of them. I’ve learned about the history & “equations” that made it what it is today, and there’s a lot of thought and logic – so I’m not sure it it’s in there. So why is it, that people leave “radio” for the likes of ex.fm or music.twitter.com or SiriusXM? Why is it that there is even the conversation of auto companies removing AM and FM from cars?

This is a theory in progress, but I’m wondering if it’s the duct tape and complex systems that have been made to keep the lights on. Somewhere in all those logs, merges & reports is the nut that is constricting radio from within.

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