What’s in a name?

Branding is huge. In a world were we are asked to stand out, you need to find a niche, that makes us different. Radio stations do this, TV shows do this, Restaurants, and Pop Companies do this.

This brand is distinct, and unique. This brand is consistent.

Why am I thinking about this?

I recently had an enlightening experience. I was discussing with some industry folks about my future. In my bio I had three very different careers: Management, Production and On-Air. It was pointed out, that these are all very different from each-other. And was flat out asked “If you had tho choose, which one would it be?”

I answer “All of them.”

The conversation went quiet, and they moved on.

Who cares?

In my line of work, it’s all about finding a unique voice. A distinct topic. Finding one thing and hammering it home. Those that will survive, won’t be becuase of the medium they choose, but the message they deliver.

But if I’m dynamic, how do I choose which message?

How do you brand yourself if you are multi-faceted?

Option #1: Generic Title

In my case, I might choose to call myself a “Broadcaster” or “Media Guy”. Something very generic. Perhaps focus on the overlap between mediums. Focus on the missing conversations. Be a “big picture” guy.

Option #2: Depends on who’s asking

It’s all about context right? So – be diverse and if I’m at a party of Designers, I’m a designer. If I’m at a dinner with Radio – I’m in radio. I can choose from a number of hat’s and none would be wrong.

In blogs, and print – I just choose to find a publication that fits my new topic. And make a new blog.

Option #3: Don’t

Don’t give into the looks. Don’t give into the snickers and that “jack of all, master of none” quote. Just say “screw em’” and keep on doing what you love. No matter what it is.

Option #4: ?????

Got any others to share?