When the pressure is on

When you have 100 [ not really, it just feels that way ] things on the go, when 20 people are hounding you, when all you golden plans are turning up smelling … not so rosie. How do you react?

Be Honest.

Do any of these suit you?

Bring It


The Good

Simply put it, you shine. Call it a golden horseshoe, call it rising to the occasion. For some reason, you make it happen, in style. I picture you like Robert Redford in The Natural. Running round the bases with sparkles falling down around you – although pretty they are shards of hot glass from the stadium fields, and yet oddly, non hit you.

The Bad

You do it. You make it happen. But sure as hell the world will know your pain. EIther Walter Matthau or Jack Lemon kind of grumpy. Wether those around you laugh at your misery or cower in fear, is all up to you. The point is, you don’t like it. Not one bit.

The Ugly

Take the bad, which is understandable. Some might not like pressure. But for The Ugly, the pressure doesn’t like you. And the world explodes. You have tried to work under the gun, but you’ve learned that time and time again, when the pressure build, you break, it breaks. It just doesn’t work.

The Shadow

This one is in my opinion the more challenging. It’s basic fight or flight response, and you ain’t fightin’. You’ve stopped going out, stopped answering the phone, stopped the entire world. You’ll come out again eventually, but only when you’re sure not to see your shadow.

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