Where does patience come from?

Seth Godin pointed out a very good secret of the web, Patience.

But, it’s not just the web. If you take any Big-Win/Big-Money/Big-Prestige/Big-Anything life, they all have the same virtue present.

In music, most lasting name artists ( key: lasting name, no fly by nighter one shots ), had the same virtue. Gwen Stephanie and No Doubt started in 1986. That’s 9 years before they had their big boom with Tragic Kingdom.

In acting, watch the Actors studio, and all of them have been trying for countless years before any of us ever heard their names.

In politics, do any of us really hear these names until the election machine hoists them up for the nation to see? I didn’t. And yet they spend their lives in the political arena

Over and over again, if you stick with it, you inherently get better and you get noticed.

There is a real catch, and I think deeper than patience is another virtue. How do you have patience? How do you get it? You need to know that what ever your are doing is why you are hear on this earth. And you have to know, no matter what, that it will work out,

The only way I know something is with belief and faith. Not in the religious context, but the personal.

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