Why have 1 stream, when you can have 100?

Stream of light, stream of water

I’ve talked about streams before, but this is about audio streams.

Why have 1 stream, when you can have 100?

The idea has been sitting in my post drafts for a while, and I have yet to flush it out. Finally I thought I might as well get it out there. Bear with the stream of thought.

I have a feeling that Music Directors hold back their true dream of airing the ultimate playlist, because frankly, the station they work for would bomb. It would move the music from Major Market Mainstream, into a fringe like love, like art. This juggle is, for me, a fascinating part of the job.

Technology might have the solutions. Take a look at soma.fm – how many streams are coming out of one place? And then I saw this, and this, and mixed it with some thoughts on theBBC.

The Downfall ( or at least confusion )

The one problem I can see with having all these streams is how do you legally pay for them? I’ve been going through SOCAN and it looks like for additional streams you’re looking at a cost per downloaded podcast, and a cost per streaming listener. If you do the math ( which I have yet to figure out ), it could be substantial.

The Opportunity

And yet, think of the possibility to sell more! You could sell time specifically to these niche streams. Catering a finer demographic. Creating more engaged listeners. Hell, why not create advertising bundles, for a small percent increase you can by time on the main broadcast and sub-streams.

The Logistics

How would this look, and would this take listeners away from the main broadcast? Why would you care? If you’re brand is associated to the stream, and people relate you with good music and good content, then all the better. And if that means only 5 people are listening to your MD’s specialized stream, then so be it.

Plus, think of the “VIP” opportunities you could give people through the additional streams? Find out about music survey’s, win special tickets, engage with the station in ways that makes it special to them.

My brain is still swimming through idea’s, and like I said, it’s only half thought out. But take it as it is, or add to it with comments.