Will my invention change the way we poop?

And other important questions that aren’t being asked.

Photo by Julien Maculan on Unsplash

There is no question the iPhone changed every owner’s washroom regiment. We don’t need that pile of readers digests anymore.

But did anyone see that happening?

Probably not, no one can see it all. But did anyone think about the interaction like that?

As the Internet of Things (IoT) advances and we put the internet in things like blinds and make new crazy things that never existed before, who is stopping to ask, or to teach to ask, what are the ecological ramifications?

I’m sure they are asking what are some of the ramifications, after all every VC pitch needs to know “why” and even the risks. But I’m not 100% sure we’re looking at the whole picture of risks.

Typer in Spelling Bee
  • Spelling Bee contestants are typing as the spell. Their brains are being hardwired to know the alphebet in 2 dimensions.
  • Kids are touching every glass like surface wondering why the pictures aren’t moving.
  • We are now talking to our computers like people: “Siri”, “OK Google”, “Hey Alexa”

What else is being rewired?

How we interact with our technology shapes us. Sure the technology itself is cool – but I honestly don’t know who’s really thinking about our future generations and how they will be shapped by these things.

This post was originally published on one of my old blogs. I backdated this to the original publish date.