Wind and Willow

Wind and willow, wisps of white,
whirling wistfully into the night.
Round through bark and timbers quake
from heavy feet your sprits do make.

But I, unliken kin, hath differed slightly.
You see, I tumble easy and sway so lightly
My Splints do crack and shed their skin
When set against your stance and spin

Am I infallible? Nay!

When plucked to marrow my amber drips
and stains like any other in this plain.
But, rather pop my join and let way my stem,
I gently dace and dissuade your strength.
It’s a gift bestowed from seed of spring
A duckling blossom blooms on tips of twig

A timbered night we stand awake,
with sounds and sights of fallen ache.
Cracked mid bow and bones at feet
I weep and morn my families grief
Wind and willow, wisps of white,
I curse and bless my natures right.

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