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Death Like My Neighbour

October 25, 2005 | 0 Minute Read

For those of us locked into only 60 channels of T.V. ( remember when there were 3? ) and especially in the hick world of Canada, we are just starting to see the pleasures of Dead Like Me. I saw the pilot on Showcase the other day and then proceeded to rent most of the first season. There are several good things about the show:

  1. Great concept
  2. good scripts
  3. All the streets are Vancouver

Yup, good olde ( yes, with an e ) Vancouver. I was aware that Vancouver was becoming a nice little sci-fi drama capital in the Television industry but lately everywhere I look, It’s Vancouver. And, unlike the others, with this show, because it’s not supposed to be a planet far away, it makes the idea of Grim Reapers among us all the more captivating. I find myself immersed just that little extra to say…”that guy died just outside my office”

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