What Dreams May Come

Today I’ve been slightly distracted by a dream I had last night. For some it would be classified as gross and
nightmarish, but for me it is kind of relieving. I’m still working it all out, but first I’ll tell you the

In the dream I was brushing my teeth and it hurt slightly. I could actually start tasting the blood in my
mouth. Eventually I put down the tooth brush and played with the tooth. The second tooth on the right was
pushed in a little further and has an odd colour. So I start to play with it. Eventually I grab on hold of it
and pull. I could feel it coming out, but not painful, more like relief. I looked down at my hand that there
it was, a rotten peg of a tooth, which I squeezed. It was so rotten the it crumbed and mushed in my hands.
The last thing I remember about the dream was consistently tonguing the void and in shock that it just pulled
out like that.

I’m pretty quick at doing my own analysis of my dreams so very rarely am I baffled. This one has me
wondering. WTF?

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