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Networkers Beware

February 06, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

Hmmm, maybe all these internet networking portals could have down falls? Maybe I should re-evaluate my little “digital networking” experiment? Christopher Allen, at Life with Alacrity, is warning us all about the hazards to internet networking and how when it gets to be too large, how can we actually keep up with it? I believe, it comes down to a great point about quality vs. quantity.

Our current breed of social networking services have focused on amplifying our contacts not only because it serves us, but because it serves them. The more contacts that you make, the more people they potentially have in their service. However, in the long run this is unsustainable — a social networking service also has to be useful — merely amplifying your contacts isn’t enough.

Also I believe that the digital network from what I’m seeing has an impersonal element to it. And for me the personal connection is really what makes the connection tick. I guess that give’s MeetUp an star in my book, for trying to use the digital to enhance the tangible.

Note: from this there was mention of Spoke, so I’m adding it to my networking links, to give a try

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